Is Denim Revival repair just an ordinary patch?

Our denim repair offers better results than a patch. We reconstruct the original material of the denim by applying the right color and shade of thread as well as the original stitch for repairing the area.

Do you repair anything else except for holes?

Being the original denim experts, we can fix just about anything- tears, holes, hems, zippers, belt loops, pockets etc. We will be glad to offer repair services that aren't included in our list.

How much will the shipping cost?

Shipping charges depend mainly on where you live.

  • Mainland domestic US charges: $9-1 pair, $14- 2 pairs, $24-3 pairs, $30- 4 or more

  • Hawaii/Alaska- 1 pair-$30, $5-each additional denim up to $45

  • Canada- 1 pair- $25, $5-each additional denim up to $35

  • International destination charges- 1 pair- $18, 2 pairs- $36, 3 pairs or more- $40. Shipping is through USPS- non-trackable.

What is your shipping address?

Denim Revival

7934 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

What kind of colors or styles in jeans will get the best results?

At Denim Revival we have the expertise to repair jeans of all styles and colors- white, red, gray, black or blue. We will provide you results that look the most original and the best.

How does this work?

The first thing you'll need to do is to sign up on our website. You can then drop off your jeans or send it to us. Once we get it, we will provide you an estimate. The repair will be completed and your jeans will be sent back to you. You can also pick them up yourself.

Can I pick up or drop my jeans off?

Yes. Once you have signed up on our website you can simply drop your jeans off at our facility. 10:30am till 7:00pm PST, Monday to Saturday at 79347934 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Can I contact Customer Service if I have some questions?

Definitely. We're always happy to answer any questions our clients might have. You can send us an email with your questions at info@denimrevival.us or call us on 323-852-0171. We usually get back in touch with a reply within 24 hours on business days. Feel free to check this FAQ document to get answers to some common questions.

What about your customer service?

Denim Revival prides itself for having one of the best customer service departments in the industry. We believe that each client is special and deserves our very best services. Each job receives personal, dedicated attention. We provide exceptional service and great results every single time.

What happens in case I don’t like the final results?

Our alteration services are renowned for their positive results for all types of problems. We always do everything possible to ensure that the problem will be repaired in the best possible way. However, Denim Revival is not responsible for any disagreement on the results.

Do you offer a warranty?

Each fabric reacts differently to the process we use. Our repair service therefore comes with a 3 month warranty.

Will you accept any brand of jeans?

Absolutely! We work not just on high end denims but also on jeans of all brands and styles. Our results have been absolutely amazing for brands like 7s, R&R, Levis, Lucky, H&M, GAP, D&G, Diesel, Abercrombie and many others.

How long will the repairing process take?

Typically, the turnaround time for repairs is 1 week.

I need my jeans back before 1 week. What should I do?

We can make special arrangements for clients that need quicker than 1 week repairs. However, the cost may accordingly increase based on how quickly the repairs need to be done. In such cases we will provide you with an estimate for the shorter turnaround before the work starts.

Will I get a discount if I send in five or more pairs?

No. The process and labor going into each pair of jeans remains the same and therefore the repairing cost remains the same, regardless of the quantity.

Is there anything I need to do before sending in my jeans?

We recommend that you wash the jeans so we can identify the actual color of your jeans. An additional $5 will be added to the invoice if the jeans haven't been washed.

What happens after my jeans reaches your office?

Each pair of jeans gets our individual attention. Once we receive your package we will inspect it to assess the damage so we can provide you an accurate quote. Each hole is reweave one at a time and reconstruction is all by hand. This ensures best quality results.

Who do I contact if I need to get in touch during the repairing process?

You can send us an email with your questions at info@denimrevival.us or call us on 323-852-0171. We usually get back in touch with a reply within 24 hours on business days.

Can you repair denim jackets?

Denim Revival can work on any type of denim clothing. All articles are subject to the same cost.

What happens if an item is lost in the mail?

We ship through trackable shipping. This means that all jeans we send out are insured. We suggest you ship by the same method to avoid any problems.

Do you provide services outside the U.S.?

Yes, we offer services to international clients. However, the client will be responsible for all applicable customs charges and shipping charges.

Can you treat stains?

Stains can be blacked out with the Invisible Repair we use.

How do I thank the team at Denim Revival?

Our goal is to reconnect denim lovers to their favorite pair of jeans. The best way that you can thank is by sharing your story with other people so they will know how to get their favorite denim back. Send us an email and we can post your story. You can also post comments on YELP. We thank you all for your love!