There is no comparison. This place does incredible work. I have been coming here for almost 10 years. They have repaired multiple pairs of jeans, slacks, suits, and have even corrected bad work from a place in the valley.

They can repair rips & tears and most of the time make them almost invisible to the casual eye. I've had to point out repairs to friends that couldn't spot it.

In addition, they are always pleasant and have helped me when I was in a time crunch for a business trip.

Prices are always reasonable. Especially for LA.

This is one of those places that just doesn't disappoint.

Douglas S., Los Angeles, CA

They've fixed my destroyed pants, expertly tailored the shoulders of dress shirts. Added silk lining to shirts. They can do it all!

David S., Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA

There was a huge rip in 2 places in the rear of the jeans and the repair is unbelievable.  You can't tell at all.  They look brand new.

Todd D., Palm Springs, CA