About Our Company

With the passion, expertise and experience of the fashion savvy head of the company, Denim Revival has been making a name for itself in the industry since the company first started. Our innovative and result oriented denim repair services provide clients with a whole new way to take care of their denim problems. The response that resulted to our great customer service, unique alteration service and exceptional value for money has been tremendous.

The Woman Behind Denim Revival

Anahit Anny Adamyan, popularly known as Anny, is the brain behind Denim Revival. A professional tailor for more than 35 years, Anny has a Master's Degree from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute in apparel design and sewing. She first started her career in the year 1981 and it was in 1988 that she first started a sewing company of her own.

She moved to the U.S. in 2000 and worked alongside Simon Master Tailor. She was named Denim Revival's original tailor in 2006 and bought the company in 2010. As one of the most popular and acknowledged professional in the industry, Anny is dedicated to finding new solutions in custom design and denim alteration.

Professional, Affordable Services

Having repaired thousands of denims, Denim Revival continues to deliver its promise of professional, affordable alteration services to its clients. Our goal is to continue delivering services our clients love and developing new services that will benefit them.