A year and a half later, I'm still happy with my service from Denim Revival.  My favorite pair of jeans had worn holes in the thigh area over the years, and I almost tossed them.

Note: The repair is noticeable on the inside but barely noticeable from the outside unless you're directly in my crotch area which will very likely earn you a swift kick to the shins.

Theresa B., Seattle, WA

They are capable of amazing work. But if you don't tell them exactly what you want done, it won't get done. Even so they might fix a hole you want left alone. Be specific. They always go the extra mile to satisfy. Good store for alterations

John H., Woodstock, VT

In the past, Denim Revival repaired several pairs of jeans and did an excellent job. But rather than trust my instinct, I took my jeans to Self Edge in San Francisco and had 3 pairs repaired. The repair from Self Edge was so bad those jeans were relegated to the "painting attire" pile. From now on, I only trust Denim Revival with repairs. Do yourself a favor if you're looking for denim repair and just bring them here.

I recently dropped off a pair of jeans for repair; they were shipped back to my home before I even returned. And the repair was so good that I couldn't believe they weren't new jeans.

Jonathan M., Los Gatos, CA

I think the low point was when my niece said my jeans were so baggy that I had a "sad butt." Denim Revival to the rescue. I took in 3 of my most cherished and comfortable jeans to have them all hemmed and tapered - no more JNCO life for me. Admittedly, I was skeptical. I'm a stickler for original hems and I've been known to donate jeans if I can tell they've been altered at all.

Four days later (they were done early) I went back to try them on and it was like I had 3 new, perfectly fitted pairs of jeans. No stitch was out of place, the taper was perfect, even the frayed parts at the bottom looked like they'd been there forever. I will not trust anyone else with my jeans. #happybutt

Todd M., Portland, OR