There’s always that one pair of jeans that’s your go-to until one day, the unthinkable happens, and you’re left with an unsightly rip, tear, or sometimes gaping hole. For years we had no other choice but to throw that beloved pair away or patch up the damage, which let’s face it, wasn’t fooling anyone.

Denim Revival aims to simplify the repair process. Customers select the repair option they would like to purchase. Jeans are repaired in approximately 7 days by our tailors.

Repair services are offered for pocket bags, zippers, hems, holes, rivets, buttons, back pockets, belt loops and more.

Denim Revival can also help with cosmetic enhancements. Distressed denim remains trendy but there is a limit to the level of wear. Customers want to keep the holes but they’ve become so big, they’re not wearable so, we can keep the holes but make them smaller, narrower so they’re more functional and more wearable.

With Denim Revival’s Invisible repairs your jeans will last longer.

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